LOGLINE: Three blood brothers,  descendants of a family massacred by Bugsy Siegel, work with the FBI to bring revenge on the mob, only to be entrenched deeper in the volatile life of crime, requiring the assistance of an unlikely hero.


Dual timeline, 1920’s Westchester, New York, an Italian immigrant family, the Scalamarris, begin to amass wealth, only to be squeezed by the mafia, and ultimately slaughtered at the hands of Bugsy Siegel, while in 1990’s Westchester, the great grandsons of the Scalamarris, Chris, Tony and Sal, the Columbus Avenue Boys, find themselves entrenched in organized crime, until coming face-to-face with their family’s horrific past.  Will the Columbus Avenue Boys continue the vicious cycle only to experience the same horrific fate of their forefathers? Or will their grandfather, Vincent “Pops” Scala, the sole surviving male relative from the massacre, who bridges the past with the present, be able to avenge the Scalamarri name, and free his family once and for all from the deathly grip of the mob?

GENRE: Drama (Rated R)

DIRECTOR: Paul Borghese


PRODUCERS: David Carraturo, Maria O’Bryan, Kevin O’Bryan


Columbus Avenue Boys Pictures, LLC